N-Type ABC Series - Mono-glass AIKO 72 Cells - White | AIKO

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Bezel-less Front, A Result of Cutting-Edge Technology, Mass Production Ready, High Energy Yield

Delivery power: 620W

15-year product warrenty

30-year power warranty

  • Higher power output
  • Delivery Efficiency: 24.0%
  • Lower power attenuation rate: ≤ 1% in the first year, ≤ 0.35% for each year after
  • Warranty: 15-year product warranty, 30-year power warranty
  • Lower Temperature Coefficiency:-0.29%/°C with high energy yield
  • Lower BOS cost

N-Type ABC Series - Mono-glass AIKO 72 Cells - White

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AIKO is a global-leading clean energy technology company. Our business mainly focuses on the manufacture of photovoltaic products and all-in-one solutions for various scenarios, including solar cells, ABC (All Back Contact) modules, inverters, battery

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