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NOX 66 (M8-IBC-GG-440) | Belinus

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NOX 66

Glass-Glass | IBC technology

440 Wp - 223 W/m2

Who said solar panels can’t be beautiful?

No silver lines

No contacts on the frontside of the cells for a clean, minimalistic design and more surface to absorb solar energy.

Low efficiency loss

No contacts at the front also means less chance of overheating.

Lead free

This panel is lead free, for a truly sustainable solar energy solution.

Bifacial module

Bifacial modules not only generate electricity from sunlight on their front sides but also from reflected light on their rear sides, increasing overall energy yield.

Ultra black

The black cells, black frame, black spacings and matt finish make this panel a true aesthetic enhancement for your roof.


Glass at the front and at the rear for a longer longevity, lower degradation and less chance of micro-cracks.

Belgian quality

Designed and engineered in the heart of Europe using only parts that meet the highest European requirements for quality and safety.

NOX 66 (M8-IBC-GG-440)

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Belinus is a Belgian solar panel brand headquartered in Genk. They offer glass-glass solar panels for residential, commercial and industrial projects. The company started in 2015 as a service company for the engineering and quality inspection of solar

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