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Midea MHELIOS Energy Solution (Single Phase) | Midea

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Midea MHELIOS is an intelligent energy management solution that integrates energy management algorithms, inverters, storage batteries, work perfectly with HVAC & other home appliances.

Midea MHELIOS Home M1-S Single-Phase Hybrid Inverter

M1-S supports 200% PV oversized, 16 A input current, and 75V low startup output voltage for higher yield. With 30A battery charging and discharging current, it can maximize the storage of PV energy. In the event of a power outage, it can seamlessly switch to the backup function within 20ms and has a 150% overload output capacity.

Midea MHELIOS Home H2-E0 HV Storage System

The storage system boasts a charge/discharge efficiency of up to 95%, making it a highly efficient option for your home. The modular plug design eliminates the need for internal wiring, simplifying the installation process. This system is capable of high-powered emergency-backup and off-grid functionality, and is compatible with 1 and 3 phase hybrid inverters.

Midea MHELIOS Energy Solution (Single Phase)

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